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Dual Voltage Germicidal

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Ultra Violet is a naturally occurring light (from sunlight) that we experience daily. One wavelength (UVC) is particularly effective at controlling airborne pollutants like mold, virus, bacteria, yeasts and organics. In fact, Ultra Violet UVC has been used for over 70 years. Many of our hospitals use Ultra Violet light to control the growth, migration & circulation of airborne microbials in their heating & cooling systems.

The Processes

Our innovative system works several ways to purify your indoor air.

We begin by electronically creating "germicidal" wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light. We call this our GCA process. These high potency wavelengths have a powerful cleansing action. They are very effective at killing & controlling air borne microbials, mold, virus & bacteria. UVC light acts like a "sterilizing agent" through its unique ability to penetrate the cells of airborne microbials. This process helps to disinfect our indoor air and any surfaces directly exposed to the light. It is an economical & productive way to help improve the quality of the air that we breathe indoors.

In addition to protecting the health of your indoor air, a Respicaire, Ultra Violet system can help to keep exposed surfaces pristine. Cleaner equipment will help to optimize performance for more effective energy usage.

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