Most commercial indoor spaces are challenged by airborne Viruses, Spores, Bacteria, Mold, VOC and various Odors. It is critical for medical facilities, retirement homes, dentists, manufacturing facilities & other businesses to eliminate the cross contamination of indoor spaces, especially during the flu and cold seasons.

Air Purification has never been as critical as today. For years, majority of commercial buildings and residential homes have had little or no UV Air Purification. The Seasonal outbreaks in schools, daycare and employee absenteeism in various industries due to colds and flue are on a rise.


Respicaire Advanced Ionic Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Air Purifiers are one of the most effective solutions for whole indoor air and surface sterilization, especially during today's pandemic.

Advanced Ionic Photo-Oxidation 

Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifiers are ideal for manufacturing facilities, medical facilities , large offices, schools  and other indoor spaces occupied with high number of occupants or employees. This Air Sterilization is ideal for any facilities or businesses which would like to minimize or eliminate the cross contamination of airborne viruses and pathogens through their facilities. The employee absence during the cold and flu season can be challenging at best of time.

OXY 4 features Ultra Violet light & Photo-Catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne oxidizers to scrub and purify indoor spaces and surfaces. This technology is great at controlling the spread of microbials in indoor environments.

This ducted Air Purifiers is ideal for many commercial building where Supply plenum is accessible inside the buildings. For more info contact us by phone or email.

OXY 4 Air Purifier - Commercial - by Res
OXY 4 for Large Applications
OXY 4 Air Purifier - HighTemp.png
OXY 4 for small & mid size Applications

Respicaire OXY 4-MB Air Purifiers are designed for Commercial Rooftop Units as they allow fast and convenient  installation inside the equipment. This design helps the Contractors to install Air Purification for a commercial site without entering the building


OXY 4-MB innovative design features the largest surface area of reactive catalytic media among the competitive products within the category. The strong magnets allow the contractor the installation in seconds.  

OXY4-MB-Air Purifier by Respicaire.png

HV-PRO AirSterilizer are designed for more challenging in-duct installations with a high velocity equipment. This design allows an external access to the UV lamp for fast servicing. The patented Photo-Catalytic Spiroplate promotes a faster distribution of the oxidizers into the airstream. 

Respicaire HV-PRO is well suited for Warehouses, Manufacturing plants, Casinos and more. 

HV-PRO AirSterilizer.png