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Asthma, Allergies & Respiratory Issues

Polluted Indoor Air is often one of the triggers for people with respiratory challenges. Many indoor enviroments suffer from contaminated air where airborne Pollens, Dust, Virus, Mold, Spores , Gases & VOC's  create a toxic soup that remains suspended unless treated. Even the EPA states that indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air....and in some cases up to 100 times more. Such environments are full of Airborne Particulates that can incude pathogenic & reactive Microbials. Add to this mix airborne chemicals, gases & VOC's and you begin to see how challenging such an environment can be, particularly for people sensitive to Allergy & Asthma. These contaminants contribute to discomfort and interfere with general well being.

At Respicaire, we design products that deliver effective air purification solutions - indoors.

Comprehensive Product Solutions

Many homeowners have nothing more than a simple, minimum efficiency  "throw-away" furnace  filter. These filters are remarkably ineffective where our health is concerned and do not address the need to . Another frequently overlooked fact where indoor air quality is concerned is that collecting particulaes even with a high efficiency air cleaner is not enough . Efficient air cleaners capture myriard of airborne particulates but how about the other contaminants?  To remove live microbials, molds, VOCs & gases requires stepping up to air purification with UV products that are engineered for that purpose.

Therefore at Respicaire we always promote Kill, Collect & Purify to create effective air purification indoors.

The most common culprits that can irritate your respiratory system are pollen, cleaning chemicals, mites, microbials, animal dander, tiny lung damaging dust & smoke particulates. It is close to impossible to create indoor environment that would be completely free of particles or gass molecules. We would have to literarly live in a buble.  Well, who can do that? Can you?

What we can do, is make your indoor air much healthier & cleaner.

We recommend the following

Kill microbials on the coil
Collect airborne particulates
Purify air in whole house

At Respicaire, we believe that there is a solution to almost every indoor air challenge. We researched, designed and engineered the products to help clean your indoor air and remove airborne polutants in your homes, appartments, offices and various buildings.      Let us help you, it is a worthy investments for many years.

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