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We all know how Colds and Flu can influence our day to day life. Home & Building construction is considerably more air tight,  trapping many types of pollutants indoors. Nature uses Dilution, Oxidation & Ultra Violet light to help cleanse our vital, air breathing atmosphere. At Respicaire, we bring these natural technologies indoors, to clean, purify & sanitize your indoor air.

Did you know that ...... ?
  • The quality of our indoor air is degraded by trapped airborne microbials, allergens, pollens, spores, chemicals, virus, gases & molds.

  • Statistics show we spend up to 93% of our lives indoors.

  • Most colds, flues and other respiratory illnesses are contracted indoors.

  • Children breathe 3 times faster and they tend to absorb more pollutants and toxic vapors than adults.

  • 97% of all the particles in the air by count you cannot see.

  • The airtight syndrome is alive & well.. Unhealthy buildings & homes can & do contribute to illness

How can Respicaire help?

It is important  to understand that one product will not provide a complete air cleansing solution for you indoor air environment. A complete product solution needs to capture particulates, oxidize and absorb VOC gases plus kill molds, virus, bacteria & airborne microbials. In our experience, this means a high efficiency air cleaner combined with an effective Ultra Violet Purifier will deliver the performance desired for healthier indoor air.

We often hear complaints regarding flue, recurrent colds, sinusitis, stuffiness, congestion, respiratory irritation, chemical sensitivities, fatigue and many types of allergic reaction. These can peak in heating & cooling season when windows & doors are closed to preserve energy costs.

Would you like to minimize the growth of mold, virus, bacteria & microbial in your heating and cooling system?

Would you like to reduce or eliminate odors, gases & VOC's?

Would you like to reduce airborne allergens & particulates?

Would you like to enjoy a cleaner, healthier, fresher indoor air for you and your loved ones?


Then it makes good sense to invest in a Whole Home Respicaire Healthy Indoor Air purification solution. It is an investment that will deliver a cleaner indoor air environment for years to come. There are many Respicaire options for you depending on your indoor air equipment needs and the health concerns you are dealing with.

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MoldMiser Max UVGI purifier
UVGI Germicidal purifier to prevent biofilm and kill mold
MicroClean 95 Air Cleaner
1" Polarized Media Air Cleaner for micro-particle fitlration
OXY 4 Air Purifier
Advanced Ionic Photo-Oxidation Air Purifier
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