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Helps reduce airborne Virus, Spores, Smoke & Micro-Particulates Indoors

Patented Self cleansing Design - Venturi Needlepoint Emission Posts

Vast production of Positive & Negative Ions

Corrosion resistant material for harsher environments


The Respicaire Quad-PRO Mod-BAR™ is an air cleaning bi-polar system that creates vast quantities of positive and negative Ions to treat Indoor Air. The Mod-BAR™ is designed for various mounting options for inside the duct application as well as RTUs & AHUs internal installation.

Respicaire Quad-PRO Mod-BAR™ unique “Venturi Emission” posts with Tungsten needles, optimize Ion Output to help control airborne particulates, microorganisms as well as some odors.

The vast amount of Positive and Negative Ions work tirelessly on airborne contaminants as the air recirculates through central HVAC systems.

The Respicaire Quad-PRO Mod-BAR™ meets zero ozone emission for commercial applications. The Quad-PRO bi-polar ionization system is UL867 Certified.


Respicaire Quad-PRO Mod-BAR™ is designed to for internal installation, for commercial RTUs and AHUs from 7.5 ton to 100 ton systems.

The Respicaire Mod-BAR™ emits a steady and vast amount of Ions through our unique Venturi Emission posts to help control passing pollutants. The positive and Negative Ion work to agglomerate airborne allergens & pollutants to improve indoor air for commercial spaces.

The Ions help reduce airborne Virus & Mold Spores from indoor air as it passes through HVAC Systems.  Bi-polar ionization also helps improve indoor air filtration.

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