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UVC Air & Coil Disinfection for Large RTUs & AHUs

Telescoping Bars for Easy Retrofit

Magnet Mount Brackets for Diagonal, Horizontal & Vertical installation

High Intensity UVGI lamps for Reliable Performance


The Respicaire BioClean™ are high Intensity Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Systems that emit potent UVC rays to disinfect coils & indoor air as it recirculates through HVAC systems.. The BioClean™ UVGI systems are designed to outfit any commercial RTUs and AHUs up to 100 Tons . They are engineered to help inactivate surface and airborne bacteria, virus, spores as well as control biofilm built up on coils.

The proprietary Telescoping Bars with clever magnetic brackets offer a fast and convenient Indoor air quality solution for various commercial HVAC systems. For systems that exceed in height or lengths we offer The BioClean Smart Rack™ which will accommodates various dimensions inside large commercial systems.

The Respicaire BioClean™ units have been independently tested and have shown to inactivate 99% of the pandemic Corona virus in seconds, (Known as Covid 19 in humans), SARS-Cov-2, Adenovirus ... The test have been performed by 3rd party independent labs .

The Ultra Violet Irradiation has been used for decades as the most effective tool for mold, mildew. Virus, Bacteria and other pathogen disinfection. UVGI is well known for its ability to penetrate cell membranes and inactivate microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.

Bacteria and virus including corona and many of its variants have all demonstrated acute susceptibility to UVC disinfection and are inactivated with appropriate doses particularly in the germicidal range of the Respicaire BioClean™ System. The UVGI Irradiation has been used in many facilities such as hospitals, manufacturing, medical clinics, large offices, universities and other indoor spaces occupied with higher number of employees.

The BioClean™ UVGI devices create inhospitable environments for microorganisms thus helping protect indoor living spaces. The Respicaire BioClean improves indoor air and brings health benefits to all occupants who spent hour inside the buildings daily.

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