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Advanced Carbon, PCO & UVGI Air Purifier

Three Air Cleansing processes - Power of PCO, Carbon & UVGI

Tests have shown 99% inactivation of Corona virus, SARS Cov2 in seconds

Zero Ozone Indoor Air Purification for Commercial indoor space


The Respicaire DTX-MB™ Air Purifier is designed for internal installation inside commercial RTUs
and AHUs. The DTX MB™ is an Advanced Ultra Violet Photo-Catalytic Oxidation & Carbon Absorption Air Purifier engineered to help clean & detox indoor air.

The DTX MB™ Air Purifiers feature high intensity UVC lamps to help disinfect and inactivate worrisome airborne Viruses, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Yeast & more.

In addition to its disinfection processes the DTX MB™ helps adsorb & oxidize airborne VOC’s, odors & gases. Our dedicated advanced Carbon & PCO reactive media ensures the maximum performance of the technology.

The DTX MB™ features our proprietary Tri-Process air purifying technology to treat air inside commercial buildings.

First process is the High Intensity UVC Germicidal wavelength which works to inactivates airborne bacteria, virus, molds & other pathogens while providing surface treatment for HVAC coils. The micro-organisms are unable to escape the effects of the potent UVC rays which attack their DNA.

Built in advanced Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors and gases as the air passes through the unit.

On top of it, the Photo-catalytic processes of the PCO Matrix create multiple air cleansers to help oxidize & detox airborne VOCs & Odors as well as work on microorganisms.

This unique combination of 3 technologies enhances air purification by constantly purifying indoor air as it recirculates through HVAC systems.

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