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HV PRO™ Air Sterilizer

High Velocity Active Ionic Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier for Large Systems

Designed for High Velocity Applications

Patented Spiroplate allows Easy Air Flow & Fast Output of effective air cleansers

Ducted models with remote multi-voltage ballat


The HV PRO™ AirSterilizer is an Active PHPCO Air Purification System designed for a high velocity Commercial / Industrial equipment.

Its’ potent purification technology utilizes Ultra Violet light to accelerate ionic, oxidative processes that help eliminate airborne odors, VOC’s, bacteria, virus, mildew, microbials & molds.

The HV PRO™ provides indoor air and surface purification around the clock by utilizing Photo-catalytic processes.


The Respicaire AirSterilizer HV PRO™ produces four oxidative air cleansers that are highly reactive and help remove harmful airborne & surface pollutants.

The HV PRO is an effective & efficient commercial air cleansing device for industrial spaces.

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