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High Efficiency Micro-particle Filtration for Commercial Applications

UL 2998 Certified & Carb Certified
AHRAE 52.2 Tested for performance

95% Efficient - ET MERV 13 filtration

Green Energy product at 2 watts power consumption


Respicaire Engineered and Patented 1" polarized media air cleaners provide high efficiency filtration for all commercial spaces & systems which depend on 1" configuration.

Respicaire MicroClean 95™ 1" Air cleaners are 95% efficient on the most troublesome airborne particulates such as airborne pollen, smoke, lung damaging dust, human skin and hair, animal dander, mold particles, even bacteria and Viruses.

Respicaire Air Cleaners provide MERV 13 filtration which mean they are able to contain micro-particles and even micro-organisms that may cause respiratory irritation indoors.

The MC 95™ air cleaners feature low static to ensure the optimal equipment performance. Unlike 1" & 2" throw away filters, they do not spot load. The air cleaners green energy rated with a low energy consumption at 2 watts of power.

The MicroClean 95™ works on the principle of electro-magnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air. This includes particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The permanent CG Charging Matrix inside each unit allows high electrical input which creates electro-magnetic barrier for the airborne pollutants. These pollutants get trapped inside the air cleaner as the air recirculates through the HVAC systems.

Respicaire 1" Polarized media Air Cleaners fit directly into filter racks which are inside the self contained Rooftop and Air Handler Units. They are available in multiple sizes to retrofit all commercial applications which depend on 1" or 2" filtration.

The MC 95™ is ideally suited for Schools, Offices, Condominiums, Government Buildings, Assisted Living, Laboratories, Veterinaries, Bars, Casinos and many other Commercial Buildings.

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