OXY X™ Active PCO Air Purifier


NASA Technology - Photo-Catalytic Processes

High Production of Air Cleansing Molecules

Helps Inactivate & Oxidizes Virus, Bacteria, Mold Spores, common Odors and VOC


The OXY X™ PCO Air purifier is designed for Commercial Buildings to cleanse and purify indoor Air. It features one of the largest surface area of Titania media to produce large amount of air cleansers. It's multi directional air flow design makes it a versatile product for various HVAC set ups.


The OXY X™ is an Advanced Photo Catalytic Air Scrubber that employs Ultra Violet light & Titania media matrix to create photo-catalytic reactions. The natural PCO process produces highly effective air Cleansers. These air cleansers -  Hydro Peroxides, Hydroxyls, Super Ionized Oxygens - seek out airborne & surface contaminants to help detox your indoor air. T

This unique technology combination is based on NASA engineering and creates catalytic reactions that produce highly effective, air cleansing oxidizers. 

The active and effective Oxidizers act like “hunter molecules” migrating throughout the indoor living space to disinfect and inactivate airborne microbials – A Highly Effective & Efficient Air Cleansing Process.