Quad-PRO™ Bi-Polar Ionizer

Freshens & Treats Indoor Air

Venturi Emission Posts with Real Tungsten Needles

High output of Positive and Negative Ions

Self-cleaning design with No replacement parts


The Respicaire Needlepoint Ion Plasma System is a bi-polar ionization device that creates vast quantities of positive and negative ions.

These ions continuously work on airborne pollutants to improve indoor air quality for various indoor spaces.

Its’ unique “Venturi Emission” posts with Tungsten needles optimize the ion output to help control airborne particulates, microorganisms as well as some odors & gases.

Respicaire Quad-PRO™ NPI Bi-Polar Ion Plasma System features 4 ion emission posts, unlike all the competition who uses 2 posts only.


The Respicaire NPI Bi-Polar Systems continually emit ions through our unique Venturi Emission points to help breakdown passing pollutants.

When this ionized plasma encounters virus, bacteria and mold in airstream it works to remove hydrogen molecules which can result in inactivation or cell death. 

Respicaire bi-polar NPI systems are an effective air treatment featuring active ion plasma to help freshen indoor air and control the buildup of contaminants and biofilm inside HVAC systems.

The bi-polar devices are designed to be installed inside small RTUs and AHUs to help treat indoor air inside commercial buildings.