Many commercial buildings suffer from biological build up inside their HVAC Systems. Consequently they tend to develop a sick building syndrome which is troublesome. Biofilm build up on coils also decreases equipment efficiency and unhealthy indoor spaces for the occupants. Installing Respicaire Healthy Indoor Air Solutions will significatnly improve indoor air environments and result in energy and maintenance savings.


 ideal Ultra Violet Irradiation has been used for decades as the most effective tool for mold, mildew and pathogen disinfection. for manufacturing facilities, medical facilities , large offices and other indoor spaces occupied with high number of employees. This Air Sterilization is ideal for any facilities or businesses which aim to minimize or eliminate the viruses and pathogens spreading through their indoor spaces. The employee absence during the cold and flu season can be challenging at best of time.

OXY 4 features Ultra Violet light & catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne oxidizers to scrub and purify indoor spaces and surfaces. This technology is great at controlling the spread of cross contamination in indoor environments. This ducted model is ideal for in Supply plenum installation within the buildings. For more info contact us by phone or email.

OXY 4 for Large Applications
OXY 4 for small & mid size Applications
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