ElectroStatic ES™

Washable Electrostatic Air Filter

Foam FREE - New Materials Only!

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The Respicaire ElectroStatic ES® air filter is a permanent, self-charging air filter for your home heating and cooling system. With the Respicaire ES® filter you will not need to replace your throw-away furnace filters on monthly bases again.


The Respicaire ES has a unique electro-static material, which creates a static charge as air passes through. This causes the material to attract and hold airborne contaminants. Our unique multi-stage design provides superior filtering efficiencies versus ordinary throw-away filters and our inner collection chamber ensures long service life.





The Respicaire ElectroStatic ES® air filter uses no foam materials that are vulnerable to clogging or the restriction of air flow. The Respicaire ES has high dust holding capacity and low static pressure to help maintain your heating and cooling systems operating efficiency.

Consumer Benefits
  • Washable permanent Air Filter

  • Helps clean the air as it passes through

  • Eliminates a need to purchase throw-away filters

  • Foam Free material allows easy maintenanc

Key Features and Benefits
  • Multiple ElectroStatic Layers

85% Arrestance Efficiency

  • Foam Free design

Prevents clogging and allowes gradual collection

  • Internal Collection Chamber

Breathes well under load

  • Versatile Design

1" for simple servicing & installation

  • Self-Charging

Works with airflow

  • Low Static

Maintains system energy efficiency

  • Simple Maintenance

Simply backwash as required

  • Rugged Construction

Will serve you for many years


The maintenance is easy. Simply backwash your ElectroStatic ES® filter periodically. Do not use any abrasive chemicals that would damage material Es Filters are made off.

Regular maintenance will allow optimum  air filtration and equipment efficiency.

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