OdorMiser DT

Activated Carbon PCO Air Purifier

Ideal for Furnaces & Ducted Systems

Helps Kill, Oxidize & Absorb VOC’s & Odors

Ideal for furnaces, the OdorMiser DT® is an Enhanced Ultra Violet Oxidation & Absorption Air Treatment System designed for ducted installation in your central heating and cooling system. It utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce airborne molds, virus, bacteria, pathogens, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and odors. It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ enhanced “air scrubbing” technology.


This Enhanced Technology works on your air in three distinct ways. Powerful Germicidal UVC works to kill & reduce airborne pathogens like bacteria, virus & molds while providing surface treatment for coils. Next, the Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors & gases. The third stage PCO Spiroplate Sterilizer works to oxidize airborne VOC’s. This unique combination enhances effectiveness as it purifies your indoor air while it circulates through the OdorMiser DT®.


This Tri-Process - UVC Germicidal, Absorption & Oxidation - features Effective & Ozone Free air treatment.In fact, the OdorMiser DT® can actually reduce ozone in the home. The OdorMiser DT® features Dual 36 watt high output UVC lamps to enhance in system performance.


Chemical bottles
Chemical bottles

Cleaning chemicals we use in households linger and add to our indoor air pollution.


Pathogens are many microorganisms that cause various diseases

Cooking Odors
Cooking Odors

Cooking odors are a very common issues in households. Activated Carbon is very effective at removing them from our indoor air.

Household Garbage
Household Garbage

Household green bins and garbage release gas and odors. They can cause various smells indoors.


Fungi is common on the coils, food, in carpets....

Pets Odors
Pets Odors

Pets' sweat and odors are hard to miss. Masking them with chemicals or air fresheners is not a solution.

Consumer Benefits
OZONE FREE Air Purifier
Key Features & Benefits
  • Advanced Indoor Air Purification

Effective on Airborne Microbials, Odors & VOC gases


  • Helps with Allergy, Asthma, Respiratory Issues

Kills & Controls for healthier indoor air


  • A/C Coil Cleansing

Keeps coils “mold free” & more energy efficient


  • Dual Voltage 120 Volt Operation

Ideal for Furnaces


  • Dual Quartz (254) 36 Watt Lamps

”Twice” the UVC power of single 18 watt lamp


  • Tri-Process Air Treatment

UVGI, Carbon Matrix Absorption & PCO Oxidation


  • Patented Spiroplate System

Provides both VOC reduction & coil treatment


  • Dealer Programmable LCD Option

Annual service reminder & Dealer contact information


  • High Tempperature Option

For Attic and hot applications (Up to 220*F)


  • Ozone Free

Ensures a safe process is at work to clean your indoor air

  • Advanced “tri-process” technology to “purify & clean” & your indoor air as it passes by

  • An “Ozone free” safe & effective detoxifying Ultra Violet system

  • The OdorMiser DT works on airborne odors, bacteria, virus, microbials, molds & gases

  • It purifies your indoor air 3 ways – kills, absorbs & oxidizes

  • It maintains energy efficiency by keeping your heating & cooling system clean

  • It helps prevent pathogens from multiplying and contaminating your living space

  • Ultra Violet Systems work 24-7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner indoor air

  • Maintenance is simple – Replace the special lamp annually or bi-annually

  • UVC Systems create a healthier Indoor Air Environment for You and Your Family

Maintenance is convenient. Simply replace your UVC Germicidal lamp once a year for optimum performance. To learn more or determine which system is best for you contact us directly.

Some other parts many need annual or bi-annual replacement.  Contact your installing contractor for more information. 
UVC lamps are 9000Hr. (2 Year lamp option available). UVV lamp option available.

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