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Odors & Gases

A new concern in our homes, offices and indoor living spaces are trapped airborne gases and odors. These noxious vapors contribute to our indoor air pollution load. Many are well known irritants that can & do - compromise our respiratory health. They are often unavoidable in our modern living spaces so it makes sense to add air cleanisng technology that can oxidize & absorb these vapors. 


How Gases & Odors affect Indoor Air?

Gases are “air-like” molecules that expand freely as vapors to fill any available air space in our homes, offices, schools & buildings. They are unavoidable and a product of modern living. These gases float in our air and have the capacity to create multiple combinations. Odors are part of this airborne family and a function of daily indoor life. Gases & Odors can linger, be toxic & frequently unwanted. They can be effectively oxidized & absorbed with several of our unique Respicaire air purification products.These technologies work to remove lingering odors for a freasher breathing environment. The combination of Respicaire PCO & Carbon Matrix technologies effectively oxidizes & absorbs gases & odors to eliminate these vapors from our indoor air enviroments. This technology is very effective on common indoor odors, including pets, body sweat, carpet discharges, gym clothes, cooking vapors, sprays.......even indoor Air Freshners that add to this artificial gas pollution.

Tri-Process PCO Air Purifier

     Oxidize & Absorb

  Gases, Odors, Vapors

  Detoxify Your Indoor Air
  With the Respicaire DTX


  • Highly Effective Odor Absorption

  • Safe Gas Oxidation & Odor Control

  • Potent Microbial Cleansing

  • Indoor Coil Disinfection

  • OZONE FREE - Cleaner, Healthier indoor air


OdorMiser DTX Features

Options to suit Your Needs

Product choices can depend upon the type of equipment in your living space & the level of polution control needed.

Contact us Toll Free: 1-866-876-8044 to help you select the best product combination for your needs,

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