OXY 4 MB AirPurifier™

2016 Test on Performance by well renowed

Advanced Active Ionic Oxidation Air Scrubber

Magnetic Base Air Sterilizer for Fast Installation

The OXY 4 -MG® is a magnetic base Advanced Plasma PHPCO Air Scrubber that uses special Ultra Violet light & catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne oxidizers. These highly effective oxidative air cleansers freely circulate throughout your home to help reduce molds, virus, bacteria, microbials, odors and chemical VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). This means that airborne microbials including odors and chemical gases are unable to escape the oxidative cleansing action of the OXY 4 M®. It is particularly helpful for indoor environments that experience higher levels of humidity.



The OXY 4-M® features our patented Honeycomb Catalytic Chamber with unmatched PCO surface area. The special UV lamp inside reacts with the Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) and emits active ionic air cleaners. This catalytic reaction helps sanitize & purify your indoor air.

Consumer Benefits
  • Advanced Ionic technology migrates to “scrub & clean” indoor air & surfaces

  • The Air Sterilizer purifies indoor air by oxidizing Mold, Microbial, Odors & VOC’s

  • It’s particularly effective in high humidity environments where mold is common

  • Produces 4 Ionic Air Oxidizers to kill, cleanse, oxidize & sterilize

  • Helps maintain energy efficiency by keeping your heating & cooling system clean

  • Prevents pathogens from multiplying and contaminating your living space

  • Works 24-7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner indoor air and surface

  • UVC Systems create a healthier Indoor Air Environment for You and Your Family

Consumer Brochures

Ideal for Packaged Units, Roof top Units and  Air Handlers 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Indoor Air Purification

Effective against Airborne Microbial & VOC’s

  • Helps with Allergy, Asthma, Respiratory Issues

Kills, Sterilizes, Oxidizes & Cleanses

  • Four Potent Processes, Nasa Technology

Unique Advanced ionic air cleansers

  • Patented Spiroplate System

Provides both VOC reduction & coil treatment

  • Dual Catalytic Quartz Lamps

Enhanced coverage & field adjustable

  • Magnetic Base - 4 Magnets

Allows fast internal installation without screws

  • Easy Lamp Access

Snap in & snap out - quick, convenient replacement


Maintenance is convenient. Simply replace your UVC Germicidal lamp once a year for optimum performance. Some other components may need replacement periodically. To learn more or determine which system is best for you contact your installing Contractor. You can also contact us directly for support.

Respicaire offers an Ultra Violet product solution tailored to your equipment needs.

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