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Ultra Violet UVC Germicidal Air Purifier
Ideal for Packaged Units & Air Handlers

Respicaire Packaged SR™ is the Ultra Violet Purifier for your central heating & cooling systems. These UVC purifiers are designed for packaged units and air handlers. They feature High output UVC Twin tube Germicidal lamps to control airborne mold, mildew and  bacteria as well as kill microbial & viruses inside your equipment and on your evaporator coils.  

The Packaged SR™ produces targeted wavelengths of Ultra Violet C light which penetrates & kills exposed microorganisms that thrive indoors. The “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA) is providing 360° radius of UVC rays for purification and quickly inactivates live organisms that may attack our immune systems.  Twin tube high output UVC lamps are at work to help cleanse & treat your indoor air as it recirculates through your HVAC system. Make the choice today to install the Respicaire Packaged SR™ inside your equipment to help your family live better indoors.


Corona Virus
Corona Virus

Corona Virus is responsible for today's pandemic. The current human strains are vulnerable and can be killed by UVC light.

Sick couple at home
Sick couple at home

Microorganisms often attack our immune system and cause various respiratory issues indoors.


Various Bacteria grows on surfaces around the house. They are transmitted by contact with people or daily objects and surfaces.


Fungi causes various skin, body and eye infections.


The microbes that can grow on evaporator coils will spread with the moving air into your living space. The most effective treatment to stop them is the UVC purification.


Mold, mildew, spores and pathogens grow on untreated coils. You can prevent this by installing one of UVC coil purifier from Respicaire MoldMiser family of products

  • Ultra Violet helps keep your home free of airborne Mold, Bacteria, Virus & Microbes

  • UVC maintains energy efficiency of your equipment by keeping your heating & cooling system clean & indoor coils pristine

  • UVC rays prevent pathogens from multiplying and contaminating your indoor air

  • Packaged SR works 24-7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner air indoors

  • Respicaire UV purifiers create a healthier Indoor Air Environment for You and Your Loved Ones






Of conventional single lamp UVC systems - Effective against molds, virus, bacteria & microbials

Helps with Allergy, Asthma, Respiratory issues - Kills & Controls for healthier indoor air

Powerful Evaporator Coil Cleansing - Keeps coils “mold free” & more energy efficient​


Twin Tube High Output, 254 NM Quartz lamps - High UVC yield, Ozone Free

Available in 9”or 16” configuration - Designed for Air Handlers & Packaged units​

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Maintenance is convenient. Simply replace your UVC Germicidal lamp once a year for optimum performance. To learn more or determine which system is best for you contact a local Respicaire HVAC contractor or reach out to us for help.


Respicaire offers an Ultra Violet product solution tailored to your needs.