ProClean 90

Whole Home Micro-Particle Air Cleaner

The Respicaire ProClean 90® Air Cleaners use high efficiency, Multi-Pleat cartridges to improve the collection of airborne micro-particles in your home. These air cleaners strain & hold airborne allergens and contaminants as your indoor air is circulated through them. The ProClean 90® air cleaners are available in multiple sizes, so one model will be an ideal fit for your home.





Traditional disposable furnace filters are remarkably inefficient. Upgrading to a Respicaire ProClean 90® will help collect up to 90% more airborne particulates in your indoor air. They are a natural, safe & effective design that works to enhance your indoor air breathing environment. Make the move to healthier indoor air today with a Respicaire ProClean 90® Air Cleaner.

Consumer Benefits
  • Helps remove many troublesome particulates – pollen, animal dander, dust particles, airborne mites and more

  • Will outperform the throw away filters and pleated filters available in retail

  • Easy maintenance – replace the media cartridge semi annually or annually

  • Helps create a healthier indoor environment for You and Your Family

MERV 8 & 11
Key Features & Benefits
  • Merv 8 or Merv 11 option

Up to 90% efficient

  • Four sizes available

Right angle units as well

  • Versatile design

Only 5" deep, simple servicing & installation

  • Low static

Maintains system energy efficiency

  • Simple maintenance

Media cartridge replacement once a year

  • Tested & verified

Ashrae independent test reports 52.2 performance


Maintenance is easy with Respicaire. Simply replace your media cartridge periodically when dirty. The regular maintenance will allow optimal air filtration and equipment efficiency.

Use only Respicaire Original Replacement parts to mainain your warranty.

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