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Coil Purification - Ultra Violet Germicidal Purifiers

MoldMiser S®

Ultra Violet UVC Germicidal Purifier

Respicaire MoldMiser Max UVC Germicidal Purifier
MoldMiser Max®

Ultra Violet UVC Germicidal Purifier

UVC Germicidal Coil Purifier for Air Handlers
MoldMiser SLR®

Ultra Violet UVC Germicidal Purifier

Packaged SR -remote ballast by Respicair
Packaged SR UVC Germicidal Purifier

Ultra Violet UV Germicidal Purifier

Filtration - Whole Home Engineered Air Cleaners

MicroClean 95®

95% Efficient  Whole Home CG Polarized Media Air Cleaner

ProClean 90®

Whole Home Micro-Particle Air Cleaner

Ultra Clean 99®

99% Efficient Whole Home Micro-Particle  Air Cleaner

EM PureClean 95®

95% Efficient Whole Home EM Polarized Media Air Cleaner

ElectroStatic ES®

Washable Electrostatic Air Filter

Bi-Polar Venturi Needle Ionizers

Bi-Polar Ionizer , Repicaire Ion Plasma System,
Respicaire Ion Plasma System

Bi-Polar Ionizer

Air Treatment

Air Purification - Advanced Carbon Matrix & PCO Air Purifiers

OdorMiser DTX®

Advanced Carbon Matrix & PCO UVGI Air Purifier

OdorMiser DTX-MB®

Advanced Carbon Matrix UVGI Air Purifier

Active Ionic Oxidation Air Purifiers with Advanced Catalyst

OXY 4 Air Purifier®

Advanced Ionic Oxidation Air Purifier

OXY 4 - MB Air Purifier®

Advanced Ionic Oxidation Air Purifier

Active Ionic Oxidation Air Sterilizers

AirSterilizer PRO®

Active Oxidation Air Purifier

PCO MAX® Air Sterilizer

Active Oxidation Air Purifier