LCD or  High Temperature Model?

The ambient of the location will determine your choice between the LCD and High Temp model. The LCD or Color Touch Screen Models can tolerate the ambient temperature of up to 110°F / 45°C

If the equipment is in a temperature controlled space, such as  basement, utility room or closet, you may choose the LCD or Touch Screen model. We are the only manufacturer who offers a Dealer Programmable LCD or Color Touch Screen which allows you to input your business information into the Screen and  promote your business year round.


If the equipment is in a garage,  attic or crawl space, you must use the High Temperature models. All our non-LCD / non-touch screen models are rated for hot ambient - up to 190°F / 87°C.  The unit features the ballast vents as well as the smart light to confirm the live operation of the lamp. Please ensure that the units are installed on flat surfaces and away from any water condensation that may drip on the modules. Water is conductive and will damaged the board inside the module.

OdorMiser DTX-HT-Respicaire.png
UltraClean 99-HighTemp2-Respicaire.png

Ducted  V Internal Application

We designed and engineered our products to accommodate a variety of applications.  No matter what equipment your customers have, one of Respicaire products is designed to fit the application. If the AC is external, your model will be ducted as it easily installs around the coil. If the AC is internal, in other words inside the body of equipment, Respicaire offers a magnetic version of each UV system for easy installation.

Furnace & Central AC -  Ducted Coil & Air Purifiers

Furnace - At the coil installation

For up flow or down flow furnaces and other split systems we recommend MoldMiser MAX purifier. This Coil Purifier takes 5 minutes to install anywhere above the coil. You also have an option to go into a Delta plate of the coil and use our Parabolic Reflector to re-direct all UVC back at the coil. MoldMiser Max is affordable, potent and effective Germicidal Purifier that will keep the coil free of mold, mildew, bacteria and spores. UV is no longer an option.

Whole Home Air Purifier

Ducted Advanced PCO Air Purifier

To upgrade your customer into an advanced Air Purification,  offer them the OdorMiser DTX. This Tri-process PCO Air Purifier features advanced PCO technology to  purify the coil, absorb Odors and VOCs as well as  Oxidize Gas molecules  in indoor air. It installs anywhere around the coil - above, parallel -  as its design is versatile. If can also install in return.  Then it simply plugs into the outlet or can be connected to transformer or line voltage depending on the model.

Active Ionic Oxidation Air Purifier


Our most potent Ionic Oxidation Air Purifiers can be used with several types of equipment. Respicaire oxidising purifiers OXY 4 and AirSterilizer PRO are recommended to be installed in supply plenum, ideally before a  humidification stream. The 120 / 24 Volt board makes the installation easy. These most potent and active air purifier will oxidize mold, microbial, odors, VOCs and gas molecules in the air and on surfaces and help cluster the particulates for better filtration.

Air Handler & Heat Pump Units - Internally Mounted Purifiers

Internal Coil Applications


Since Air handlers and Heat pump units have the AC coils inside the body casing, we recommend our multi-function  magnetic base units that allow fast installation around the coil. The MoldMiser S & MoldMiser SLR are the ideal 24 Volt  Coil Purifiers for this type of equipment , Both systems offer multi-function magnetic base with the crew-mount  option as well as delta plate application if desired. Our special Parabolic Reflector option intensifies and directs all UVC in a desired direction. 

Magnetic Base Air Purifiers


All our Air Purifiers have a magenetic base model to accommodate various set ups with Air Handelrs and Heat Pumps as well as other equipment. Respicaire PCO Max, OdorMiser DTX - MB  and OXY 4 MB Air Purifier allow fast install with magnets in a plenum or ducts. Both products feature a multi voltage auto-sensing ballast. It does not get easier than that.

Packaged Units -UVC Air Purifiers

Respicaire Packaged SR UVC Purifier

Magnetic Base Air Purifiers


All Packaged UVC Air Purifiers feature magenetic sure grip bases, remote multi-voltage ballast with magnets and long electrical cords on each end.  The auto-sensing ballasts include Smart Dedicated LEDs  - one for power the other one for lamps. The Packaged units have various layouts therefore 6 feet and 8 feet electrical cord at each end, plus the cord connector will allow various installations. The Packaged SR and Packaged SRPR aswill offer UVC  purification for any residential packaged system.