IAQ Training  

In class IAQ & Product training

We offer training classes for your Territory Sales Managers, Branch personnel as well as Contractors and Dealers. We will teach them why IAQ matters today and how to present it to the end user. We will motivate everyone to incorporate the IAQ products into their daily sales and build a strong IAQ platform for future. Click on the picture to request a local training seminar.

IAQ Online training - Webinar


Webinars are a great way to educate your sales team regardless where you are located. Respicaire webinars will be live and supported with the power point presentation as well as live demonstration over the camera. You pick a day & time and we will do the rest. Click on the picture to request the online webinar.

Request IAQ Webinar

Marketing Support

Color Consumer Brochures

Each product has a dedicated Color Consumer Brochure that you can download in PDF format from the Product Page. The printed copies are available at no charge with the purchase of the product. The brochures will be added to your PO accordingly. You can also obtain Respicaire Product Manual for your branch and TMs.

Product Videos

Our premium products have dedicated Videos which you can access through Respicaire Product Pages or YouTube. These videos portray the concept and benefits of each given product. They help the end user to understand why it is a worthy purchase and how they and their loved ones will benefit from the investment.

NEW ! Acrylic Color Insert Packaging

Respicaire is proud to introduce the see through packaging with color inserts. The packaging  is very attractive and helps communicate a story to the end user. We are the ONLY IAQ Manufacturer that offers this self-promoting packaging intended to be used as a sales tool !!!

Sales Tools & Floor Displays

Sales Kits & Live House Demonstrators

We offer several marketing tools to help your TMs and Dealers sell Respicaire products. The MicroClean 95 Sales Kits and the dual live demonstrators are a great way to demonstrate the product, its features and effectiveness.  Distributors as well as Contractors / Dealers can obtain them with the purchase of the products. Please contact us for more information. 

Floor Displays

Some of our products have dedicated color Floor Displays that double as Master Packs. They are self standing and fully recyclable. These floor displays hold the product in your showroom without taking any shelf-space.

Personal Use Programs

We appreciate you!

We run a variety of Personal use Programs as well as Promotional programs throughout the year  to help Distributors, Contractors & Dealers drive their IAQ sales with Respicaire . Join us and experience the benefits of Respicaire products. Our dedicated Respicaire Distributors know we build a strong IAQ platform for future. We will help you grow your business.