AirSterilizer PRO™

Photo-Catalytic Oxidation to help inactivate Virus, Bacteria, mold spores, strong odors & VOCs

Features Patented Spiroplate PCO Technology

Effective in humid indoor spaces where mold and mildew are a concern

The AirSterilizer PRO™  is an Active Ionic PCO Air Sterilizer engineered to scrub indoor air as it recirculates through HVAC system. 

The full spectrum UV light & catalytic reactions create potent cleansing airborne oxidizers. These highly effective  air cleansers freely circulate throughout your home to help inactivate Virus, Mold, Bacteria, Spores as well as oxidize  unwanted odors and VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds)

The AirSterilizer PRO™ purifier is particularly helpful for indoor environments suffering from mold, dirty sock syndrome, heavy household odors & more ...

The Air SterilizerPRO™ features our patented “Spiroplate” Catalytic Disk Chamber whcih in combination with Ultra Violet light produces large amount of active air cleansers. These air cleaners seek to react with airborne polutants such as odors, microbials and VOCs. 

The Catalytic Chamber evelopes the UV lamp with extended surface of reactive media, yet allows easy air flow through the open disc structure. 

The special  full specturm UV lamp  inside the chamber reacts with the titanium treated Spiroplate to producce the active ionic air cleansers, namely Hydro Peroxide,  Hydroxyls, Super Charged Oxygen  molecules.  These air cleansers work on Micro-Organisms, Odor or VOC to inactivate, eliminate or reduce these indoor pollutants.