Flush Mount SRF™

Ultra Violet UVC Germicidal Air Purifier

UVC Air & Coil Disinfection for Tight Space Applications


Technology Tested & Demonstrated 99% inactivation of SARS Cov2, Corona Virus, Adenovirus & more

Compact & flush installation lamp bracket with 4 magnets

The Respicaire Flush Mount SRF™ remote UVC  Germicidal air treatment systems are designed

for duct mounting in tight installation spaces. 

The SRF™ feature High output UVC Twin tube Germicidal lamps to help inactivate and control airborne mold, mildew and  bacteria as well as microbial & viruses inside your equipment and on your evaporator coils.

First utilized by Danish Nobel laureate Dr. Niels Finsen, Ultra Violet is now used in many of our hospitals & medical centers to control airborne infectious agents. These unique, air quality devices can now be installed in our own heating & cooling systems to help create a cleaner, healthier indoor air environment.

The FlushMount SRF™ produces targeted wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light which penetrates & inactivates exposed microorganisms that can thrive indoors.

The “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA) is providing 360° radius of UVC rays for purification and quickly inactivates close by live organisms that can attach our immune systems. In fact, the twin tumbe lamps insde Flush Mount SRF™ have been 3rd party tested and demonstrated inactivation of Corona Virus, SARS Cov-2 ,causing Covic 19 ilnesss, in seconds. 

 Twin tube lamps with high UVC output are at work to help cleanse & treat your indoor air as it recirculates through your HVAC system. Make the choice today to install  the Respicaire FlushMount SR™ to help your family live better indoors.