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Flush Mount SRF™

Tight Space UVC Germicidal Air & Coil Purifier

UVC Air & Coil Disinfection for Tight Space Applications

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Technology Tested & Demonstrated 99% inactivation of SARS Cov2, Corona Virus, Adenovirus & more

High UVC output System with twin tube lamps

The Respicaire Flush Mount SRF™ remote UVC  Germicidal air treatment systems are designed

for duct mounting in tight spaces. 

The SRF™  purifiers feature the Twin tube Germicidal lamps with High output UVC. They help inactivate and control airborne mold, mildew,  bacteri, other microbial & viruses inside your equipment and on your evaporator coils. the SRF units are non-ozonating systems for residential application.

First utilized by Danish Nobel laureate Dr. Niels Finsen, Ultra Violet is now used in many of our hospitals & medical centers to control airborne infectious agents. These unique, air quality devices can now be installed in your own heating & cooling systems to help create a cleaner, healthier indoor air environment.

The FlushMount SRF™ produces targeted wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light which has the ability to inactivate exposed microorganisms which may thrive indoors.

The “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA) is providing 360° radius of UVC rays for purification. The UVC rays quickly inactivate close by live organisms that can attack one's immune system. 

In fact, the twin tumbe lamps insde Flush Mount SRF™ have been 3rd party tested and demonstrated inactivation of Corona Virus, SARS Cov-2 , causing Covic 19 ilnesss, in seconds. 

The FlushMount SRF disign allows the installation in narrow spaces around the evaporative coils, where other products wil not fit.

The twin tube lamps with high UVC output are at work 24/7 to help cleanse & treat your indoor air as it recirculates through your HVAC system. Make the choice today to install  the Respicaire FlushMount SR™ to help your family live better indoors.

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