MicroClean 95™

Polarized Media 1" Hybrid Air Cleaner

Slim Fit Design for any Condos, Apartments & Homes

AHRAE 52.2 Tested - 95% efficient at 1 and 0.3 Micron

UL 2998 Certified - Ozone Free!

The Respicaire MicroClean 95™ is a new generation of Hybrid Polarized Media Air Cleaners that combine two processes to maximize air cleaning efficiency. 

The MicroClean 95™ works on the principle of electro-magnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air. This includes particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

The MC 95™ employs a Carbon Graphite electrical grid and internal medoa pads to create an electro-magnetic field. As the air recirculates through your central heating and cooling system, the airborne contaminants, such as pollen, smoke, dust, dander, mold partcles, even Virus and Bactria, are unable to escape once they get trapped inside the charged media pads. 

The MicroClean 95 has been AHRAE 52.2 tested & has a long history of in-field quality performance.

The secret behind this highly efficient and well built 1" polarized media air cleaner is the Patented Carbon Graphite (CG) charging system inside each  unit.  

This patented process places a powerful electrical charge on the unique media pads inside each air cleaner. It means that these multi-layered certified pads attract and hold a very high percentage of harmful airborne pollutants at 95% efficiency.

The removal of these troublesome particulates is essential for people with Asthma, Respiratory Issues and Allergies. Respicaire MicroClean 95™  helps create a healthier, more natural, indoor air environment for you & your family. 

Use only Respicaire Original Replacement Media Pads to protect your product and warranty!