MoldMiser SLR™

Enhanced UVC Purification with Parabolic Reflector

Emits UVC Rays to inactivate bacteria, Virus, spores & more

Effective & Affordable Solution for Air Handlers & Heat Pumps

MoldMiser SLR™ is an Ultra Violet Germicidal Coil Disinfection & Indoor Air treatment system designed for Air Handlers & Heat Pumps. 

It features our “GCA” & “PRT” proprietary technology, designed to inactivate & control molds, virus, bacteria & other microbial insde your central heating and cooling system. 

MoldMiser  SLR™  prevents the biofilm and helps treate indoor air as the air recirculates indoors.

The MoldMiser SLR™ produces targeted wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light at 254 nm which mimic nature's purifying sunlight. 

This high potency light penetrates & kills exposed surface microbs in your heating and cooling system by utilizing powerful “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA)

We enhance this process with our “Parabolic Reflective Technology” (PRT) which improves   performance by boosting the UVC “killing” effect. (Up to 90%) This means Dual Technology is at work to help cleanse & purify your indoor air.