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ProClean 90™

Whole Home Media Cabinet Air Cleaners

Zero Ozone Emission whole home Air Cleaner

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

High Efficiency Removal of airborne Micro-Particulates & Micro-organisms

MERV 11 & MERV 13 Models - Title 24 California Compliant

The Respicaire ProClean 90™ Air Cleaners use high efficiency, Multi-Pleat cartridges to lower or eliminate airborne micro-particles, micro-orglanisms and other polutants in your home. 

These air cleaners strain & hold airborne allergens and contaminants as your indoor air circulated through through the HVAC system. The engineered Media Cartridges will provide indoor air filtration 24/& for up to 6 months. Replace the filter cartridge once fully loaded to allow your system work efficiently.

The ProClean 90™ air cleaners are available in multiple sizes and MERV ratings to fit various HVAC systems and homes. Full color and sturdy Doors, add the elegance to the overall heating and cooling system set up.

Upgrading the whole home filtration to one of the  Respicaire ProClean 90™ will provide up to 90% efficient airborne particulate removal in your indoor air. Traditional disposable furnace filters are remarkably inefficient and cause high static pressure in your HVAC system.

The media cartridges feature deep up to 5 inch deep pleats. That allows the ProClean 90 to offer large capacity of particulate collection, extended life of the cartridges while maintaining low static of an HVAC system.

Respicaire Media Cabinet Air Cleaners Cartridges are engineered and 3rd party tested for the effectiveness. The ProClean 90 media cabiners provide 24/7 filtration of indoor air breathing environments. 

Make the First Step to a Healthier Indoor Air today with a Respicaire ProClean 90™ Air Cleaner.

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