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Testimonials from our Customers

From: Nicole ...................@hotmail.ca>
Sent: February 24, 2014 8:39 AM
To: .............@tficompany.com
Subject: Testimonial


Several years ago my husband and I bought our second "new to us" home. At the time we had a young toddler and were expecting our second shortly after having moved in.

As we settled into our home we started to notice that there was a constant build up of dust. It seemed like a never ending battle, especially in areas near the vents.

We were changing our filters regularly and had had the furnace checked when we moved in - it was considered to be in good condition and was well maintained.

Fast forward a few months and our newborn son started presenting a constant cough. We were diligent in our dust management but still, the problem presented. After months of non-stop respiratory related illnesses, he was prescribed puffers. This was not okay with me, I felt like there had to be something we could do to improve our sons health.

During this time as we researched options we were introduced to the possibility that our HVAC system may be a part of the problem. After discussing options, we elected to move forward with Respicaire UV purifiers and Electronic Air Cleaners.

What a difference! If we had known we would have installed this before our son was born! The hacking and coughing stopped.

Fast forward another eight years and my son is no longer using puffers or vulnerable to constant chest infections. The air in the home smells fresh and dust is no longer a problem, unless of course we don't clean it....

In the end our big learning was that a healthy homestead includes clean air! Thank you Respicaire!


Nicole and David I......Port Sound, Ontario

From: Sandy ...............@hotmail.com>
Sent: February 23, 2017 9:04 AM
To: ....................  @tficompany.com>
Subject: Re:  Electronic Air Cleaner - MicroClean 95



We have been using Respicaire Electronic Air Filters in our home forced-air furnace for many years.  We have found the unit and the filters to be both beneficial health-wise and economical.  The quality from the company has been excellent and we will continue to use this product.


Thank you!

Sandy Z..... , Sodus NY

From: Lyne ............@outlook.com>
Sent: March 7, 2017 2:48 PM
To: ................. @tficompany.com>
Subject: Re: EM PureClean 95


I bought a Respicaire EM last year and I can see the difference on the filter and in my house. The system is very easy to service and to change the pads is a children's game. The Respicaire EM is much better than my other system. It captures dusts and impurities in a very effective way. After the second year, the purchase has turned out quite profitable because only the pads are to be changed.

Less costly and more ecological!


L’an dernier, j’ai acheté un Respicaire EM et je peux voir la différence sur le filtre et dans la maison. Le système est très facile à installer et changer le filtre est un jeu d’enfants. Le Respicaire EM est beaucoup plus efficace que le système que j’utilisais auparavant. Il capture les poussières et les impuretés efficacement. Après la deuxième année, l’achat est déjà rentabilisé car je n’ai que le filtre à changer.

Plus économique et plus écologique !

Lyne G

Roxboro, Québec

From: Blue Dot Services
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2017 10:10 AM
To: ........@tficompany.com
Subject: Kelly's OXY 4


Kelly L. called to say that he LOVES, LOVES, the OXY 4 system. He also mentioned that his wife hasn’t had to dust as often.   He is so pleased and will be happy to endorse this product.  The house smells so fresh.  Very pleased.  He said to tell you—thank you---thank you ---thank you. 


 Blue Dot Services, Topeka KS

From: Kristen ....................@gmail.com>
Sent: February 5, 2018 12:43 PM
To: ......................................@tficompany.com>
Cc: .....................@kennaheatcool.com
Subject: Respicare UV Light Review


I am a client of Kenna Heat Cool Solutions and I wanted to let you know that we're incredibly pleased with the Respicare UV light system that he installed for us last month. My son was diagnosed with Influenza A two and a half weeks ago, and for the first time in several years, he was the *only* one in the family to have the virus. In years past, all of the rest of us would have fallen victim to it one by one like dominoes...but not this year! The only thing that we have changed this cold and flu season is the addition of the Respicare UV light to both of our furnaces, so I have to attribute our successful containment of the flu to it! Thanks for making such a great product, we are hopeful that the rest of our winter will be healthier because of it! 


Thanks again,

Kristen, Chicago IL