50691876_s - VOCs from electronics and copy machines
33516660_s - VOCs from Paints
44835503_s - VOCs from artificial funiture
23314669_s - VOCs from carpets and artificial floors
53382911_s - Cleaning Chemicals
12267674_s - VOCs from plastics
5860159_s - Car polution
6492670_s - burning fire odors


It is overwhelming to consider the amount of airborne chemicals that are released into the atmosphere daily. Air is one of the  the most important "life sustaining fluids" yet we often overlook the contaminant load that it must sustain. It is now estimated that 80,000 new chemical combinations are engineered every 90 days (worldwide) with long term impact rarely researched or understood. There is nowhere on earth where these chemicals are not found including prisitine environments that are no longer unaffected. Oddly many of us invest thousands in new vehicles (chemical contributors) before we invest a few hundred in effective air cleansing product solutions. At Respicaire, we know that  airborne chemicals & volatile organic compounds (VOC's) can compromise health. Many are toxic & hazardous and travle easily through indoor air. The good news is that they can be controlled, treated & eliminated with effective Ultra Violet oxidizing technologies.

          Why are CHEMICALS & VOC's a concern?



VOCs - volatile organic compounds - are carbon based gas compounds that migrate at room temperature. These chemical vapors circulate in indoor air and included toxic combinations like toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, styrene & many more. Molecules are off gassed by Furniture, Carpets, Artificial Flooring, Adhesives, Glues, Paint, Drywall, Bedding, Plastics & many more household materials . VOCs & chemicals are known  irritants & several are highly toxic. At high concentrations they can & do cause illness. Effective air treatment will reduce this concern for the air that we breathe. We have  a Respicaire air cleaning product solution tailored to your equiement & air cleansing needs.

We are exposed to numerous chemicals every day - in the air, food and water. Many harmful chemicals are present in many products used at work, at home and at play. Exposure to most of these often toxic chemicals affects your health and immune system. For example, Phthalates affect human hormones and children development. They are widely used in flooring, shower curtains, synthetic leather, and other products made with PVC vinyl. Dioxins like PCBs and the pesticide DDT are known to cause cancer. Our furniture, carpet paddings, and even baby nursing pillows, TVs, computers, cellphones, and video game consoles are infused with these chemicals that off gas into the air we breathe.

The OXY Air Purifier With Advanced Ionic Oxidation

     OXY 4 - Indoor Air Purifier
     Disinfect, Oxidize, Sterilize
Ducted Model with LCD option for annual notification
Active Ionic Oxidation & Air Scrubbing
 Treat  & Purify your indoor living space
  • Creates 4 Highly Effective Friendly Air Oxidizers

  • Helps Eliminates Chemical gases & VOC's

  • Removes Odors Permanently

  • Kills Airborne Microorganisms

  • Potent Microbial Cleansing

  • Travels through your indoor living space to purify everywhere

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