UltraClean 99


99% Efficient
MERV  15 & up

The UltraClean 99® whole home Hybrid Micro-Particle Air Cleaner sets a new standard for indoor air quality efficiency. It is an ideal solution for homes with central heating & cooling systems featuring a Micro-particle efficiency rating of 99% on the most troublesome airborne contaminants. If you suffer from Asthma, Allergies, Compromised Immune System & other Respiratory Issues, the UltraClean 99 is your best in-line solution for filtering 100% of your indoor air every time it passes through your system.

Patented Respicaire Air Cleaning Technology - NON  Ozonating!

The UltraClean 99 achieves this leading edge efficiency by utilizing a 2-Stage Patented Technology to collect & contain airborne Allergens, Molds, Virus and Bacteria within the cartridge. It is a Hybrid design featuring a potent Dual Function Charging Process that dramatically enhances performance & micro-particle collection. The UltraClean 99 provides “whole home” air treatment. This ensures healthier indoor air wherever it is installed. The LCD model offers visual and audible notification to ensure annual maintenance.

Why choose UltraClean 99 ?
  • Highly effective solution for respiratory issues related to poor indoor air quality

  • Significantly helps where airborne pollutants cause or contribute to Allergies, Asthma, Sinus Congestion & general Respiratory Infection & Irritation

  • Collects the most troublesome particulates from your indoor air – Micro particles, Pollen, Lung Damaging Dust, Animal Dander, Smoke, Airborne Mold, Spores, Virus and more

  • In-line Micro-Paricle Performance - All the air is filtered with re-circulation – No by pass!!!

  • Attracts, Collects and Disable live airborne contaminants

  • Energy Efficient – Green energy usage year round

  • Simple, Fast maintenance - replace the special media cartridge annually

  • Creates healthier indoor air environment for you and your family

Technology at Work!
  • Patented Dual Air Cleaning Processes

Up to 99% efficient with collection down to 0.01 micron

  • Slim & Versatile Design

Only 7" deep for Left, Right, Horizontal & Vertical Installation

  • Charged Micro-Particulate Technology

Premium in-line filtration Air cleaner

  • Low Static

Maintains Energy & Equipment efficiency

  • Programmable LCD

Audible & Visual annual service notification

  • High Ambient Model

Ideal for Attics and more humid Ambient (up to 190°F)

  • Independently Tested & Verified

MERV 15 minimum efficiency , Ashrae 52.2 performance


Maintenance is easy. No Chemicals, No Washing! Simply replace the unique High Performance Cartridge once per year. It is that simple.

Contact your installing contractor to ensure you purchase the original Respicaire High Performance Cartridge for your UltraClean 99® Hybrid air cleaner.

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