Why Indoor Air Quality matters to all of us?

It is a well known fact that indoor environments can affect health of people who live in them. Ever since the dramatic rise in energy costs, air tightness in our homes, schools and buildings has created the phenomenon of “trapped indoor air pollutants”. Statistics show, we spend 93%* of our lives indoors! We live, work,grow & play in artificial environments. The concern is, are they healthy?

Did You Know that ..... 

  • Many colds, flues and respiratory illnesses are contracted indoors.

  • Children breathe 3 times faster and they tend to absorb more pollutants and toxic gases, VOC's & vapors than adults.

  • The growth of Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory illness track almost identically with the growth of A/C sales.

  • 97% of all the particles in the air by count you cannot see.

  • The airtight syndrome is alive & well......our airtight homes & buildings trap indoor pollutants contributing to illness.

  • Outdoor Air is hard to control… Indoor Air can be purified by investing in a High Efficiency Air Cleaner and a UVC Purifier

Do you know these Airborne & Surface Microbials?

               (actual images of each airborne & surface contaminant)


Many of us are aware of the ill effects associated with polluted indoor air. We know that the "Quality" of our air is degraded by airborne microbials, allergens, pollens, spores, chemicals, virus, gases & molds. This unhealthy mix has contributed to the dramatic rise in allergy, asthma & respiratory illnesses.


What can Respicaire do for you?

Respicaire dedicates its energy to making your indoor air environment a safer, healthier place to live. Our air cleaning technologies have been selected by several of the largest & most respected, heating & cooling comfort suppliers in North America.

  • Do you suffer from frequent colds each season?

  • Does poor air quality trigger allergy and asthma?

  • Would you like to have cleaner, healthier Indoor Air?

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