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Mini LED Air Treatment System

Helps treat the coil & air as it recirculates

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

Features Multi-Spectrum UV with PCO Matrix

Low power consumption – Energy Green

The Respicaire Maxi-Gard™ is our latest LED UV and PCO air purifying technology for Ductless and Mini-split systems. Its multi-spectrum UV wavelengths optimize performance for air treatment and coil irradiation.

The UV wavelengths radiating at the evaporative coil create inhabitable conditions for various microorganisms, including Virus, Bacteria and mold. The PCO VOC filters add a 3rd technology for enhanced air treatment.

The Maxi-Gardi s a non-ozonating air treatment system for indoor air.

The Respicaire Maxi-Gard™ air treatment systems are designed for ductess and  Mini split applications to help reduce airborne microbials and coil biofilms.

These units feature high quality, small, lightweight LED platforms that utilize a broad spectrum of ultraviolet disinfecting wavelengths. The Max-Gard multi spectrum UV processes can be combined with Photocatalytic (PCO) filters to provide enhanced performance. 

All Maxi-Gard UV models have dual voltage, auto sensing ballasts for 120 or 240-volt applications. The Maxi-Gard offers one of the most pragmatic designs for mini-split retrofits providing multiple installation options.

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