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MEDICAL UVGI Air disinfection


The benefits of Ultraviolet Air and surface Disinfection have been utilized by the medical industry for over 80 years. Investigations of the bactericidal effect of sunlight in the late 19th century planted the seed for air disinfection with UV radiation. William F. Wells identified that airborne infection could be spread by droplet nuclei.


He demonstrated that UVGI had the ability to prevent and limit the spread of these pathogenic organisms. The efficacy of the UVGI systems has been tested over decades by independent laboratories, universities and in-field applications around the world.

BioClean UVGI Systems 
BioClean QUAD In-Duct Disinfection

Respicaire offers an innovative, high-performance medical-grade air disinfection system designed to optimize Ultraviolet Germicidal disinfection.


The secret to medical grade disinfection systems is tied to their ability to maximize air contact time, AS contact time is enhanced quick disinfection is augmented helping to inactivate airborne micro-organisms.

At Respicaire, we offer several high output UVGI purification models that help reduce Hospital Acquired infections in various healthcare institutions.


UVGI exposure can penetrate microorganism’s cell membranes, destroying the nuclei acid and disrupting their DNA. Respicaire offers both coil and air disinfection product solutions to ensure in system performance.


Our technology is designed to support the disinfection needs of hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, Doctors offices and medical facilities.

Respicaire is an innovative leader in commercial and residential UV purification..

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