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The Engineered Air Filtration is more important than ever today. Many
pleated and throw away filters have too low an efficiency to remove
micro-particulates which are smaller than 10 microns. 

At Respicaire we specialize in electronically charged Polarized media

Hybrid Air Cleaners which significantly outperform

any throw away and pleated filters.

Our polarized air cleaners are highly efficient below at 1 and 0.3 microns
where many troublesome micro-particulates and micro-organisms live.

The Air filtration has been utilized for many decades around the world.
In 1940s, first filters used commercially where introduced into the market to
control airborne indoor space contamination. In 1963, two brothers in
Germany, Mansfred and Klaus Hammes, developed an air
filtration system that significantly improved air quality in homes.

 In the same year, the US passed the Clean Air Act, which set the tone in terms
of air quality expectations & standards across the nation.

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