Your Protection Indoors!

Why Indoor Air Quality matters to all of us?

It is a well known fact that indoor environments can affect health of people who live in them. Ever since the dramatic rise in energy costs, air tightness in our homes, schools and buildings has created the phenomenon of “trapped indoor air pollutants”. Statistics show, we spend 93%* of our lives indoors! We live, work,grow & play in artificial environments. The concern is, are they healthy?

Did You Know that?

Many colds, flues and respiratory illnesses are contracted indoors.

97% of all the particles in the air by count you cannot see.

Children breathe 3 times faster and they tend to absorb more pollutants and toxic gases, VOC's & vapors than adults.

The growth of Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory illness track almost identically with the growth of A/C sales.

The airtight syndrome is alive & well......our airtight homes & buildings trap indoor pollutants contributing to illness.

Outdoor Air is hard to control… Indoor Air can be purified by investing in a High Efficiency Air Cleaner and a UVC Purifier

Do you know these Airborne & Surface Microbials

Many of us are aware of the ill effects associated with polluted indoor air. We know that the "Quality" of our air is degraded by airborne microbials, allergens, pollens, spores, chemicals, virus, gases & molds. This unhealthy mix has contributed to the dramatic rise in allergy, asthma & respiratory illnesses.

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What can Respicaire
do for you?

Respicaire dedicates its energy to making your indoor air environment a safer, healthier place to live. Our air cleaning technologies have been selected by several of the largest & most respected, heating & cooling comfort suppliers in North America.

Do you suffer from frequent colds each season?

Does poor air quality trigger your allergy and asthma?

Do you get itchy eyes or cough when indoors?

Would you like to have cleaner, healthier Indoor Air?

Your Protection Indoors!

Colds & Flu Season

We all know how Colds and Flu can influence our day to day life. Home & Building construction is considerably more air tight,  trapping many types of pollutants indoors. The quality of our indoor air is degraded by trapped airborne microbials, allergens, pollens, spores, chemicals, virus, gases & molds.

We often hear complaints regarding flue, recurrent colds, sinusitis, stuffiness, congestion, respiratory irritation, chemical sensitivities, fatigue and many types of allergic reaction. These can peak in heating & cooling season when windows & doors are closed to preserve energy costs.

Your Protection Indoors!

Asthma, Allergies
& Respiratory Issues

Polluted Indoor Air is often one of the triggers for people with respiratory challenges. Many indoor environments suffer from contaminated air where airborne Pollens, Dust, Virus, Mold, Spores , Gases & VOC's  create a toxic soup that remains suspended unless treated.

Even the EPA states that indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air....and in some cases up to 100 times more. Such environments are full of Airborne Particles that can include pathogens &  Microbes.

Add to this mix airborne chemicals, gases & VOC's and you begin to see how challenging such an environment can be, particularly for people with Allergies & Asthma. These contaminants contribute to discomfort and interfere with our general well being.

Your Protection Indoors!

Chemicals & VOC's

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It is overwhelming to consider the amount of airborne chemicals that are released into the atmosphere daily. Air is one of the  the most important "life sustaining fluids" yet we often overlook the contaminant load that it must sustain. It is now estimated that 80,000 new chemical combinations are engineered every 90 days (worldwide) with long term impact rarely researched or understood. There is nowhere on earth where these chemicals are not found including pristine environments that are no longer unaffected.

Oddly many of us invest thousands in new vehicles (chemical contributors) before we invest a few hundred in effective air cleansing product solutions. At Respicaire, we know that  airborne chemicals & volatile organic compounds (VOC's) can compromise health. Many are toxic & hazardous and travel easily through indoor air. The good news is that they can be controlled, treated & eliminated with effective Ultra Violet oxidizing technologies.

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Why are CHEMICALS & VOC's a concern?


volatile organic compounds - are carbon based gas compounds that migrate at room temperature. These chemical vapors circulate in indoor air and included toxic combinations like toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, styrene & many more. Molecules are off gassed by Furniture, Carpets, Artificial Flooring, Adhesives, Glues, Paint, Drywall, Bedding, Plastics & many more household materials.


We are exposed to numerous every day - in the air, food and water. Many harmful chemicals are present in many products used at work, at home and at play. Exposure to most of these chemicals affects your health and immune system. For example, Phthalates affect human hormones and children development. They are widely used in flooring, shower curtains, synthetic leather.

Gases & Odors

Another concern in our homes, apartments, offices and indoor living spaces are the trapped airborne gases and odors. These noxious vapors contribute to our indoor air pollution load. Many are well known irritants that can & do - compromise our respiratory health. They are often unavoidable in our modern way of living so it makes sense to add air cleansing technologies that can minimize or remove these vapors. 

How Gases & Odors
affect Indoor Air?

Gases are “air-like” molecules that expand freely as vapors to fill any available air space in our homes, offices, schools & buildings. They are unavoidable and a product of modern living. These gases float in our air and have the capacity to create multiple combinations. Odors are part of this airborne family and a function of daily indoor life.

Gases & Odors can linger, be toxic & frequently unwanted. They can be quite effectively oxidized & absorbed with several of our Respicaire air purification products. The combination of Respicaire PCO & Carbon Matrix technologies excels at common indoor odors, including pets, body sweat, carpet discharges, gym odors, cooking vapors, sprays.......even indoor Air Freshners that add to this artificial gas pollution.

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Respicaire Air purification technologies work around the clock to remove lingering odors for a fresher breathing environment.

How can Respicaire help?


It is important  to understand that one product will not provide a complete air cleansing solution for you indoor air environment. A complete product solution needs to capture particulates, oxidize and absorb VOC gases plus kill molds, virus, bacteria & airborne microbials. In our experience, this means a high efficiency air cleaner combined with an effective Ultra Violet Purifier will deliver the performance desired for healthier indoor air.