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Distributors & Contractors

Partnership is our Motto!

We value Partnership, Commitment & Teamwork above all!


Partner with us for long term benefits, focus in IAQ sales and unmatched support. Our main focus is to help you grow sales and offer quality product solutions for your customers. 


Over many years, Respicaire  has established long-time partnerships with several Independent Distributors across North America. Even some Original OEM partners selected our products to answer their IAQ needs.

Respicaire Healthy Indoor Air Product Solutions engineered, designed and manufactured in North America.


Join us in this profitable world of IAQ so together we can create  Heathier & Cleaner Indoor Environments for people to live in.

HVAC Distributors, Contractors, Engineers, Maintenance

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The Right Product
For Your Market

If you are seeking IAQ solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications, we are a partner you can count on. At Respicaire we engineer, patent, design & manufacture air cleaning solutions for today's modern way of living.

Respicaire offers an accomplished IAQ line with a variety of IAQ products under one quality brand.


We research, test and develop various products to provide IAQ solutions for all market needs. Through the design we maximize & pack our products with effective technologies that deliver cleaner & fresher indoor air. . 


All our product solutions combine several practical features with value added advantages and solid performance benefits.

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Let us be the solution for your Indoor Air Quality needs. 

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