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Bi-Polar Ion Plasma Air Treatment by Res

BI-POLAR Ion Plasma System

Helps freshen & treat your Indoor Air

2020 Tested - Helps Inactivate Influenza Virus & other microbials

The Respicaire Ion Plasma Air Treatment System is a completely natural air enhancement device that features active ion plasma to help freshen & treat your indoor air.

Its’ unique “Venturi Emission” system optimizes ion output to help control airborne odors, gases & particulates. It is designed to be installed in your central heating & cooling system to help treat your indoor air as well as control the buildup of contaminants on your indoor cooling coil.


Live & Breathe Better Indoors

Bi-Polar Ionization helps Control Odors, Mold, Microbes & Allergens indoors. It provides Indoor Cooling Coil Treatment and helps prevent the growth of biofilm.

The positive and negative Ions, that are constantly emitted from our unique Venturi needle posts, attach to allergens such as pollen, dust, animal dander  and other particles. The Ions have the ability to make particle cluster and increase in size thus making air filtration more efficient. 

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