Effective and Compact Air Purification Systems for Commercial Application

Commercial  offices, medical facilities, labs and various warehouses suffer the same Indoor Air Quality challenges as residential buildings. High volume of airborne particulates, Volatile organic compounds off gassing from unnatural materials, cleaning chemicals used for sanitizing surfaces, various odors and gas molecules present in the air, create a very unhealthy and unpleasant environment for the occupants and employees.

Respicaire offers effective, field-tested, modern, compact and affordable solutions to treat the air indoors. The products are designed and engineered to outfit various commercial applications. Respicaire has outfitted many commercial spaces such as medical buildings, labs, casinos, dog kennels, veterinaries, bars, warehouses, salons, daycares, schools and more. Let us help you deliver clean and healthy air to your clients.

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Healthy Indoor Air Solutions™
Daycares & Kindergartens

VOCs from plastics, artificial furniture, toys and floors as well as a high particulate & dust count are very common in Kindergartens and Day Cares. Add to it sick children and you get a picture of quite an unhealthy indoor environment.