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Duct Mounted Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization

The most powerful Ducted Bi-Polar NPI System

Reduces Odors, VOC’s, particulates and airborne microbials

Self-Cleansing & designed for Residential & Commercial installations


The Respicaire NPI i-Guard™ is a self cleansing Needlepoint bipolar air Ionization system engineered for residential and commercial ducted applications. Its’ unique “Venturi Emission” system optimizes the output of positive and negative ions to help reduce odors, microbials & airborne particulates indoors.

The i-Guard™ is a versatile air ionizing system designed for convenient installations with supply or return air ducts. Its compact and versatile design is well suited for crawl spaces, garages, closets, attics, tight areas and high ambient applications.

The Respicaire i-Guard features a watertight housing, operates at peak output and is suitable for ducted installations up to 12 tons or 4800 CFM.

The Respicaire i-Guard™ emits a steady and vast amount of Ions through our unique Venturi Emission posts to help control passing pollutants. The positive and Negative Ion work to agglomerate airborne allergens & pollutants to improve indoor air for commercial spaces.

The Respicaire i-Guard’s active ionic processes work constantly to treat indoor air by helping to reduce pollutants, odors & VOC’s including indoor AC coil treatment.

The Respicaire i-Guard is one of the most powerful NPI ducted models producing over 1 million ions/cc offering superior ionization output and enhanced performance.

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