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OXY 4 - X MB™

Advanced Photo Catalytic Air Purifier with Active Air Cleansers

NASA Technology - Effective Photo Catalytic Air Cleansing processes

High Output of Air Cleaners - Hydro Peroxides, Hydroxyls and Oxide ions

Effective Technology to help inactivate Microorganisms and lower VOCs & Odors


The OXY X-MB™ is an Advanced PHPCO Air Purifier engineered and designed for Commercial facilities such as Schools, Daycares, Medical centers, Offices, Labs, Libraries and more.

This NASA Based Technology features Ultra Violet light & photo-catalytic reactions to create effective airborne oxidizers. These active air cleansers - hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyls and oxides - circulate indoors to help purify and detoxify your indoor air.

The OXY X-MB™ is specifically engineered and designed for installation inside the commercial RTUs & AHUs . They are suitable for up to 40 ton HVAC systems.

These advanced Photo Catalytic Air Purifiers features high output UVGI light & reactive catalytic processes which create a vast amount of air cleaners. The potent air cleaners have ability to inactivate, control & oxidize airborne contaminants.

This means that airborne microorganisms, pathogens, odors and gases are vulnerable to oxidative cleansing action of the OXY X-MB.

The OXY X-MB Air Purifiers are suitable for Grow Houses, Labs, Schools, Wine brewing facilities and other similar commercial spaces.

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