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PCO MAX™ Air Sterilizer

Active Ionic PCO Air Scrubber

Active PCO Technology ideal for spaces suffering from Mold spores, Odors and other Micro-organisms

Technology Tested against Corona Virus, SARS Cov-2 and other pathogens

Versatile & Easy Airflow Design


The PCO MAX™ AirSterilizer is an Active Ionic Photo-Catalytic Air Scrubber which employs a special Ultra Violet light & catalytic reactions to create Ionically charged airborne oxidizers.

The PCO MAX™ features our patented ”Spiroplate” catalytic chamber which emits multiple active air cleansers, namely hydro peroxides, hydroxyls, super charged oxygen & oxidizing ions. These natural cleansers migrate throughout the indoor air to reduce airborne contaminants.

The PCO MAX™ Air Sterilizer is an Active PHPCO Air Scrubber that uses Ultra Violet light to create ionic oxidation to help reduce airborne odors, VOC’S, bacteria, virus, molds & microbials.

The special UVC lamp inside this system reacts with the TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) surface of the Spiroplate
chamber to create the air cleansing catalytic process.

Each PCO MAX™ is designed with a magnetic base for fast & convenient installation RTUs, AHUs, in air handlers, fan coil units as well as packaged units.

The Remote Multi-Voltage auto-sensing ballasts with magnets provide versatile installation options.

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