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Respicaire Announces the Additional

Independent 3RD Party Test Results

Respicaire Technologies
have shown  to 
Inactivate Influenza,  Human Corona
& the Virus SARS-COV2 that Causes COVID 19 illness in people


Technologies used in Respicaire products have demonstrated rapid inactivation of the Coronavirus strains, including the virus SARS-COV-2 IN SECONDS!

*While real world results can vary, it helps to know that we take pride in our product performance and invest constantly to confirm efficacy.*

Various tests were conducted by  3 Independent and certified 3rd Party Labs

Human Corona Virus
Respicaire OXY4 with touch screen
Respicaire OdorMiser DTX with touch screen
Airborne Pathogens
Respiciare BioClean UVGI Air Purifier by Respica
Respicaire SRPR UVGI Purifier
Influenza virus
OXY 4 - Respicaire Commercial Air Purifier

Respicaire offers science-based air cleaning solutions to help reduce and inactivate airborne & surface microbials.

We take pride in delivering some of the most effective air purification technologies in the HVAC marketplace.

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