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Introducing Andrea Gondova: The New Director of HRAI Manufacturers Board for IAQ Sector

The HRAI Manufacturers Division Chair, Dermot McMorrow, Vice President & General Manager – HVAC Division, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., is delighted to welcome Andrea Gondova as the new Director on the HRAI Manufacturers Board, representing the IAQ Sector.

Andrea has been a successful Sales executive & educator in the world of Indoor Air Quality for the past 17 years at Respicaire – TFI Company Inc, an indoor air quality manufacturer. She has extensive experience in both the residential and commercial HVAC markets, including OEMs, major independent HVAC distributors, and specialized air quality enterprises.

Andrea holds a master's degree from the University of Presov with a specialty in High School Education. In 2000, she emigrated to Canada and undertook university equivalency exams to further her career opportunities. Andrea initially worked as a successful teacher with the TDSB for four years before transitioning into the business world and joining TFI Company Inc - Respicaire in a sales department promoting indoor air quality product solutions. She brought her teaching and motivation skills into the HVAC marketplace, helping various wholesalers, dealers, and contractors capitalize on daily IAQ business opportunities.

Currently, Andrea is a principal in the company, responsible for IAQ training sessions with HVAC Distributors, educational sessions with Contractors and Dealers, marketing support programs, business strategy & tactics, as well as industry trade shows and associations. She has interacted and provided sales & technical expertise for several manufacturers and independent distributors & contractors.

Andrea resides in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and daughter. She can be contacted at her cell: 647-233-9173 or by email:

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