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ES™ Filter

Electrostatic Air Filter

Multi layer Electrostatic Washable Air Filter

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

Strong & Durable Frame for long life

Fine Multilayer Mesh for particulate collection

Foam Free Design prevents clogging!

The Respicaire ElectroStatic ES™ air filter is a permanent, self-charging air filter for your home heating and cooling system. 

The Respicaire ES™ has a unique electro-static material, which creates a static charge as air passes through the filter. This causes the material to attract and hold airborne contaminants inside each ES™ filter. 

Our unique multi-stage design provides superior filtering efficiencies versus ordinary throw-away filleters. Unlike the competitive designs, Respicaire ES Filters do not use any dense foam inside the frame. The ES™ inner collection chamber ensures easy air flow and long service life.

The Respicaire ES™ Filter is a permanent filtration solution for your home. You will no loner need to replace your throw-away furnace filters on monthly bases.

The Respicaire ElectroStatic ES™ air filter uses no foam materials which can cause high air pressure for your equipment. The competitive design using foam are vulnerable to clogging and restrict the air flow of your HVAC system.  

The ES™  Filters have a high dust holding capacity due to their multi-layered mesh designd. They promote low static pressure to help maintain your heating and cooling system's operating efficiency..

Only the new and high quality materials are used to manufacture all Respicair ES filters. 

The ES™ filter features rugged, well built & durable frame which makes this filter a worthy investment that will last and last. 

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