MoldMiser MAX™

Ultra Violet Germicidal Air Treatment System

Powerful Germicidal Purifier with Dual UVC lamps


Engineered and designed specifically for for Furnaces & Split Systems

Parabolic Reflectors to double the UVC and its Inactivation potency

The MoldMiser Max™ is an Ultra Violet Coil Purifier designed for duct mounted installations in your forced air heating & cooling systems. 

Engineered and designed for Gas furnace & aplit systems, the MoldMiser MAX™ features our “GCA” & “PRT” proprietary technology. 

This Dual Technology is designed to inactivate & control surface molds, mildew, virus, bacteria, & other microbial in your heating and cooling system and  help prevent the contamination of your indoor air. 

The MoldMiser MAX™ features  Dual high output UVC lamps to maximize the delivery of the Germicidal air cleansing processes.

The MoldMiser Max™ produces targeted wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light at 254 Nm. This UVC wavelength has the ability to quickly inactivate Virus, Bacteria, Mold and other pathogens on services and treat indoor air as it recirculates through your HVAC system.

This high potency UVC light penetrates exposed microbials and damages their DNA. The “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA) is enhanced with our “Parabolic Reflective Technology” (PRT) which improves performance by boosting the UVC inactivation effect up to 90%. 

This means Dual Technology & higher UVC output is at work to help cleanse & purify your indoor air.