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OdorMiser DTX™

Advanced PCO, Carbon & UVGI Whole Home Air Purifier

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

Three Air Purifying Processes - PCO, Carbon & UVGI Purification

Tested & demonstrated 99% Inactivation of Corona virus & SARS-Cov2 in seconds

Advanced Carbon Adsorption & Photo-Catalytic Oxidation & UVC Inactivation

Respicaire OdorMiser DTX™ is a Whole Home Air Purifier designed for residential and light commercial applications. 

The DTX™  is designed for your central heating and cooling system. It utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce & inactivate Airborne & Surface Molds, Virus, Bacteria, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and Odors. The DTX air purifier is non-ozonating system for homes, condos, appartments and more.

 It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ Enhanced Honeycomb technology.

The Color Touch Screen are an elegant visual and service enhancement for Northern markets. The screens  provide Annual Audible and Visual Service notification. 

The DTX Air Purifier cleans your air in Three Distinct Ways.

First, the powerful Germicidal UVC light works to kill & reduce airborne pathogens such as Virus, bacteria & molds while providing surface treatment for evaporative coils. 

Next, the Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors & gases which tend to linger indoors. Cooking odors have a lingering stay power unless removed by air purifier by trapping them inside the carbon cells. 

Thirdly, the Photocatalytic Matrix Cells work to oxidize airborne VOC’s which off-gas from various electronics, plastics and artificial materials inside the homes. This unique combination of 3 processes enhances effectiveness as it purifies your indoor air while it recirculates through your central heating and cooling sytem.

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