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OdorMiser DTX-MB™

Advanced Carbon, PCO & UVGI Air Purifier

Three Effective Air Purifying processes

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

High Output UVC Whole Home Air Purifier

Ideal for Packaged Units, Air Handlers and other Internal Instalations

The OdorMiser DTX-MB™ is an Advanced Ultra Violet, PCO  & Carbon Absorption Air Purifier designed to "detox” your indoor air. The DTX-MB is designed for internal installation in central heating & cooling systems such as Packaged Units and Air Handlres.

Respiciare DTX-MB™ air purifier utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce airborne molds, virus, bacteria, pathogens, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and odors.

 It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ enhanced “air cleansing” technology. The DTX-MB is a non-ozonating whole home air purifiers for various residential indoor spaces.

The DTX-MB™ air purification system has been designed to help detox, disinfect and inactivate worrisome airborne viruses like, corona & influenza. In addition to its disinfection processes the DTX-MB™ helps adsorb & oxidize airborne VOC’s, odors & gases.

This Triple action Whole Home Air Purifier helps clean your indoor air as it constantly recirculates through your central heating and cooling system.  The DTX-MB™ features three air purification technologies inside one clever air cleansing system.

Firts, the powerful Germicidal UVC light works to inactivate & reduce airborne pathogens like bacteria, virus & molds while providing surface treatment for coils. 

Next, the Activated Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors & gases. 

The third stage PCO Spiroplate Sterilizer works to oxidize airborne VOC’s. 

This unique combination enhances effectiveness as it detoxifies your indoor air while it circulates through the OdorMiser DTX-MB™.  It utilizes a Dual high output UVC twin tube lamps to enhance in system performance. 

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