OXY 4 AirPurifier™

The OXY 4 is an Advanced Active Ionic Photo-Oxidation Air Purifier utilizing Ultra Violet light & catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne oxidizers. These highly effective oxidative air cleansers freely circulate throughout your home to help reduce and eliminate molds, Virus, bacteria, microbes, odors and chemical VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). This means that airborne microbial including unwanted odors and chemical gases are unable to escape the oxidative cleansing action of the OXY 4 Air Purifier.


Highly Effective at purifying Indoor Air & Surfaces

2021 & 2020 Performance Tested by Independent Labs

The OXY 4 Air Purifier features the industry’s most advanced compact system with the highest TiO2 Surface Area to enhance the Photo-Catalytic reactive processes. Its large surface area means enhanced air cleansing, 4X more cleansers than most competitive designs and excellent performance value.

Our proprietary Catalytic Chamber OXY-QUAD creates multiple active ionic air cleansers as internal UVC wavelengths react with the Titanium Dioxide Matrix. This catalytic reaction emits the natural oxidative cleansers - Hydro Peroxides, Hydroxyls, Super Ionized Oxygen & Oxidizing Ions - to help sanitize & purify your indoor air around the clock.