ProClean 90™

Whole Home Media Cabinet Air Cleaner

Highly Efficient at Collecting airborne Micro-Particulates & Micro-organisms

Feature 6 month Cartridge for Whole Home Filtration

The Respicaire ProClean 90™ Air Cleaners use high efficiency, Multi-Pleat cartridges to improve the collection of airborne micro-particles in your home. 

These air cleaners strain & hold airborne allergens and contaminants as your indoor air is circulated through them. 

The ProClean 90™ air cleaners are available in multiple sizes and MERV ratings so one model will be an ideal fit for your home.

Traditional disposable furnace filters are remarkably inefficient. Upgrading to a Respicaire ProClean 90™ will help collect up to 90% more airborne particulates in your indoor air. 

The media cartridges feature deep 4 to 5 inch deep pleats which allow for larger and longer particulate collection while maintaining low static of your HVAC system.

Respicaire Media Cabinet Air Cleaners are a natural, safe & effective design that works to enhance your indoor air breathing environment. 

Make the First Step to healthier indoor air today with a Respicaire ProClean 90™ Air Cleaner.