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PureClean 95™

Whole Home 1" Polarized Media Air Cleaner

DTX-MB-16 inch model-glow-V2.png

95% Efficient Micro-Particle Whole Home Air Cleaner

Slim Fit Design for any 1" Application

UL 2998 Certified - Zero Ozone Emission Validated

AHRAE 52.2 Tested for performance

PureClean 95™ s sold in Canada only

The Respicaire PureClean 95™ is a new generation of Micro-Particulate Polarized media Air Cleaners that combines two effective processes to maximize air cleaning efficiency. 

The EM PureClean 95™ works on the principle of electro-magnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air.

Our polarized media air cleaners are 95% efficient at removing the particulates as small as 0.3 microns from indoor air. When installed with your central HVAC system, they provide a whole home filtration.

The secret is the Patented Electro-Magnetic charging Matrix inside each air cleaner. 

This patented process places a powerful electrical charge on the unique media pads inside each air cleaner. It means that these multi-layered pads attract and hold a very high percentage of harmful airborne pollutants.

The removal of these troublesome particulates helps create a healthier indoor air environment for you & your family. Its slim one inch design fits any one inch filter rack, slot, return grill or any one inch housing within your central heating and cooling system.

Unlike throw away pleated filters,  PureClean 95 Air Cleaners provide health benefit for your respiratory system, help maintains equipment efficiency  and keeps the air static low!!!

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